Welcome To My Blog!

Hey Dolls!

This is the official site for all of those wanting to learn, label, and speak the language of makeup. So… here are some general makeup products to start off my new blog, that are always in my makeup bag!

Foundation and Concealer 


Have uneven red blotches on your face that you want to even out? What about sunspots or that one annoying freckle that you wish just wasn’t there anymore? Foundation does a phenomenal job of evening out your skin tone. It comes in  powder form, liquid form, and the occasional stick form.

Concealer is a whole different story. This product can be used for almost anything. It can be used to conceal blemishes, which is what you most likely know it for, or for other things, like to contour and highlight. It works wonders for your cheekbones. Most concealers are either in stick form or liquid form.



Any look could use a little mascara.  Whether you are going for that natural, everyday look, or that dramatic party style, mascara is the thing for you. If you have red hair, put some mascara on! Blonde hair, or even purple hair? Your eyes will thank you when they see how striking they are. This crucial step will make your eyes pop.



The last thing that is always in my backpack or purse is lipstick. Lipstick can compliment your skin, eye color, or your eye shadow. Matte lipsticks are all the rage right now,but you can get them in glossy, smooth, or metallic consistencies. If I don’t have lipstick on hand, I always have chapstick or some sort of lip balm. It is so important to keep your lips nourished and lively.

That’s all for now! Please subscribe, so you can get notifications for when I post! Leave a reply down below for what you might want me to talk about in future posts. Have a great day, Dolls!


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