How To: Make A Statement

Hey Dolls!

I was thinking, and I decided to write about how to make a statement. Every girl should have a statement necklace, pair of shoes, or even a statement scarf. I’m here to help you fit these occasional gems into your wardrobe.



Everyone has that one, plain necklace they can’t live without, which goes with every outfit you’ve ever worn. But for a night out, a statement necklace can be just the right thing for you. Having a statement necklace won’t only enhance your outfit, it will also help with your confidence. Big diamonds, colorful flowers, long necklaces sprinkled with sparkles, the list goes on and on! Trust me, this one piece of jewelry is something you can’t live without. Not only does it add that vital dash of importance in your look, but it makes you look like you spent time thinking about your outfit.


Image result for wizard of oz shoes gif

Every outfit needs some matching shoes. A little black dress is almost asking for some bejeweled shoes and a big flowery necklace! Statement shoes are more of a subtle proclamation, compared to statement necklaces, unless of course, you are Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. There are so many options with shoes! You could wear the same outfit with different shoes, and feel like a completely different person. This opportunity is one that cannot be forgotten!


Image result for scarf gif

I know you are probably thinking I’m crazy, saying that there is such a thing as a statement scarf. Surprise! There is! Now that fall is creeping up on us, it is the perfect time to experiment with this upcoming trend. Scarves with different animal prints, stripes, crazy colors, or even solid colors, will add that glam to your once boring outfit.

Remember Dolls, experimentation is key! You never know until you try! Please like and comment to give me feedback on my recent blogs! Be nice to people!


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