Eyebrows: The Good, The Bad, and The 90’s

Hey Dolls!

I think we can all agree that we have reached the peak point in our eyebrows today. They are full, shaped, and framed, as of 2016. But have you ever looked back on other good brows? What about the bad ones? But most importantly: what about eyebrows in the 90’s?

-The Good-

Image result for cara delevingne eyebrow gif

Now that we are well into 2016, I think we can all agree that eyebrows are essential. We have all come to terms with the fact that every face shape deserves its unique brow shape. If you have an oval face your eyebrows probably won’t have the same appearance if you were to have a square face. We have done a great job perfecting our eyebrows over the years. Cara Delevingne has definitely defined the expectation for brows on everybody! She opened our eyes on the variety of brows, and how they can all look different, yet good on everyone.

-The Bad-

Image result for cringe gif

Whether they are really drawn in or not there at all, there are some terrible eyebrows out there. Almost every girl has been through a rough patch where she is either awkwardly growing out her eyebrows, or is plucking too many hairs off. The transition between the 90’s and the good brows is where this “rough patch” became a trend. Its the experimental stage of eyebrows. Queen Britney has our reaction to the situation above.

-The 90’s-

Image result for 90s celeb eyebrows

One word: thin. It didn’t matter if these brows fit your face, all that mattered was that they were trending. Being able to decide the shape of your brows also lets you decide how big you want your forehead to be, and how much eyelid space you have. While some celebrities pulled off this look, the majority of them moved on from this stage of brow to the natural, modern stage of brow.

Disclaimer! Everyone’s face is different and beautiful in their own ways! If your eyebrows are thin that doesn’t mean that you are stuck in the 90’s, and if your eyebrows are drawn in that definitely doesn’t make them bad! You do you!

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Britney Spears Cringe Face


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