Hey Dolls!

One thing that I have taken pride in over the years are my ear piercings. That may sound weird to some, but these little jewels in my ears make me who I am. I got my first ear piercing in the second grade. There are no words to describe how terrified I was. My mom and my sister had dragged me into the nearest Claire’s and before I knew it, I had a hole lodged into the bottom half of my ear. When the pain went away, I realized that I had developed an attachment to the thing. Somewhere along the way, I got two more piercings in my ears, both of them climbing up the sides like vines on a tree.

Now that you know a little about my piercing history and my experiences,  I thought I’d tell you the good things about piercings and the bad things, so you can figure out what is best for you.

-The Good Things-

Image result for cute ear piercing ideas        Image result for cute ear piercing ideas

Whether they are on your ears, your nose, or some other abstract place, piercings are a form of expression. For me, my three simple ear piercings have probably changed my life. They give you an excuse to wear your hair up once in a while, and to make a statement about yourself. Some people even think of them as art. They have also been historically known for showing off wealth and beauty all around the world. If you take care of them, all will be fine and dandy.

-The Bad Things-

I wouldn’t believe it if you said you haven’t heard a horror story about piercings. I will spare you of a gory picture, but I believe it is my duty to at least tell you about them. Infections, swelling, skin tags, and bleeding can all happen in the process of getting anything pierced. Some spots, like your cartilage or your navel (belly button), may take longer to heal and need more attention and cleaning. This also means that they can get infected much easier. More common spots, such as the standard lobe piercing, and the upper lobe piercing will heal quickly and less painfully if cleaned regularly. One thing to keep in mind is that swelling will happen, no matter what. It should just be temporary, so if the swelling or feeling of soreness lasts for more than three weeks, something may be wrong.  I have included a diagram below this paragraph so that you guys can follow along to all of the piercing terms more easily.

Image result for cute ear piercing ideas








There are ways to prevent a lot of these treacherous side effects. Just do what the person who pierced your ears tells you to do, and clean them 2 to 3 times a day. Constantly be thinking about twisting the piercing too, especially if they are some type of lobe piercing.

Thanks for reading! Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to contact me. Make sure to reply to this post below! Tell me what else you would like to see me talk about! Bye Dolls!




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